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Yesterday the final conditions of the war were sealed. Officials met near Paris in the Palace of Versailles to sign the Versailles Treaty. The treaty will provide peace between Germany and almost all of the 32 victorious allies.

The treaty will officially go into effect on January 10, 1920. Under the agreement the treaty will provide a reorganization of boundaries in certain territories of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Pacific Islands. Much of the German people do not approve of this because of the major loss of land. The people are also angry that most of Germany's importing and exporting will be stopped. Most of all they are angry about the war guilt clause. This clause declares that Germany takes sole responsibility for the war. The masses of Germany feel this is unfair that they must take all the blame for what has occurred.

The government is upset about the treaty as well. Along with no exporting or importing there is to be no production of war materials in Germany. Also, all compulsory military service will be abolished. The government is not to arm it's soldiers or participate in military activities. Germany is also responsible for paying for damages that the allied forces suffered during the war.

The Versailles Treaty will do more than just punish Germany though. It will create a new international organization called the League of Nations. also, a permanent Court of International Justice will be established when the treaty goes into effect. In addition a system of administering the former colonies of the defeated countries will be provided.

Even though Germany dislikes the terms of this treaty they have no other choice than to follow it for now. There is no telling when the punishments against Germany will be lifted and no one has made any speculations as of yet. The German people are hoping that it will not be to long for the sake of the economy and themselves.

By Ryan "The Italian Stallion" Russell