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The year was 1919 and in the country of Germany a man named Adolf Hitler has just found the extremist party known as the Nazis. They disliked the present form of government so they decided to form their own nationalistic, anti-Communist, anti-democratic, and expansionist political party.

Four years later in 1923 Hitler revolted against the Bavarian Government and failed. His sentence was for 5 years, but he was out and about after only nine months. During the period of 1924-1929 the Nazis attracted few voters because the current democratic government was performing so well. When the Great Depression fell in 1930 many people were convinced by Hitler's promises of improving the economy, defying the Versailles Treaty, and rebuilding Germany's military to Super Power status. The Nazis became the strongest political party in the Reichstag, in 1932.

In 1933 Hindenburg made Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler then destroyed the constitution and turned the government into a dictatorship. He eliminated all political parties, except for the Nazis. The Nazis seized control of the nation's courts, newspapers, police, and schools to prevent any forms of free speech. Anyone that opposed the government was killed, imprisoned in concentration camps, forced to leave the country, or beaten to a bloody pulp by Nazi Storm Troopers

Hitler saw his government as the Third Reich, or the Third Empire. The First Empire was the Roman Empire and the Second Empire was the German Empire during the 1800's. Hitler established the Third Reich, because he wanted to assert German superiority and gain territory that was taken from Germany during World War I. But in the end, the Allies of the United States of America, Great Britain, France, and Russia proved that the German Race was not as superior as first thought.

by Steve "The Stork" Durr