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The United States has started a new program to aid the allied forces in the war. The program is called the Lend-Lease Act. This act will give military and economic aid to many countries including, Great Britain, China, Soviet Union, Australia, and New Zealand. The law will also authorize an appropriation of $1 million. This act will become law on march 11, 1941.

According to the law the president of the US can transfer food and supplies to countries fighting the axis powers. It states, "of any country who se defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States, to sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of; to any such government any defense article'1. In addition, countries receiving aid from the United States, US troops will get aid from that country while they are there.

The United States will actually start administering help in October. That is when the supplies and military products will going to the allied countries. The Office of Lend-Lease administration has been established to administer the act. This office will be incorporated into the Foreign Agency. The government has not said how much they are planning to spend on this act and now one has made any predictions as of yet.

Many are in agreement with this act because it is combining forces to combat the axis powers. Franklin D. Roosevelt has described the act as" helping to put out the fire in your neighbor's house before your own house caught fire and burned down". As of now, no agreement has been made between the United States and the countries receiving aid to pay back the debt that they will acquire. I think that the US is more concerned at winning the war and helping other countries accomplish that than being paid back after the war.

by Ryan "The Italian Stallion" Russell

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