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World War II is full of figures, 200,000 troops died. Even though the ghastly figure, they stood for people fighting. One of those people who fought was Gunter Vogel.

Gunter Vogel was in the German Army during World War II. In 1944, he was involved in protecting Hamburg from the British and United States Air Force bombing runs. Gunter was an antiaircraft gunner. From October of 1944 to January of 1945, he helped defend Germany’s eastern front against the Soviet ground assault, later he was discharged.

After the war, Gunter searched for his family. It seems they had fled when the Allies attacked East German. With the help of the Red Cross, he located his family in February of 1945. Gunter joined his former enemies, as an interpreter in June. He was assigned to the Royal Armored Corps.

Later, in 1948, he was allowed to join his family in Buenos Aires. Gunter entered the United States in September of 1958 and retired in the Pacific Northwest. Gunter was name and not a number in the war. Each person that lived had a chance to tell their story of the war, and for that each person was important in their own way.

By Brian "The Chipmunk" Bos